Here at Muddy Creek Outfitters, you can experience the best waterfowl hunting New Jersey has to offer. We have miles of great waterfowl habitat including flooded timbers, creeks, bogs, bean fields, corn fields, and wheat fields.  With great locations, calling, and equipment, Muddy Creek Outfitters gives you a waterfowl experience you will never forget. All of our hunting trips are fully guided and we do all the work so each of our hunters can sit back and enjoy the hunt.

Once September 1st hits, all we do every day is chase and scout waterfowl, we put a lot of time into making sure you will have a great hunt and put you where the birds are. Our goal here at Muddy Creek Outfitters is to make sure that when you choose to come hunt with us we give you the best experience possible.


Captain Matt

Captain Matt Loveland Captain Matt Loveland is the owner and guide of Muddy Creek Outfitters. He grew up chasing waterfowl in Central New Jersey. Captain Matt started Muddy Creek Outfitters in 2010, however little did he know it began back when he was 6 years old, trying to hold the dog steady in the duck blind with his brothers and father. But right there at that moment he was hooked. Now 17 years later, Matt wakes up every day of waterfowl season and allows you to have that same feeling. During the off season, Matt enjoys competitive calling competitions, in August of 2012, Matt placed third in the Keystone Regional Duck Calling Competition. Previously, in 2011, he won first place in the New Jersey Open Goose Calling Contest, while in 2010 he placed third. When he is not on a stage calling or out chasing waterfowl, he spends the rest of his time training his retrievers.  So call me if you really want to go hunting.


Chesarabs Muddy Goose Sr.

Goose Goose is a four year old Chesapeake Bay Retriever out of Chesarab Kennels. Goose has proven to be a top notch hunting dog at a young age numerous times. Everyone who has had the pleasure to hunt over him loved the work that he performs.






Mike Loveland

Mike Loveland Mike Loveland brings a fun yet hard-working attitude to everything he does – which is quite a bit.  Wanting to always exceed your hunting expectations, Mike will work to make sure you have what you need. With over 20 years of waterfowl experience, Mike grew up with a passion for hunting mallards in a lot of local timbers, creeks, and bogs. Mike contributes a lot to the “behind the scenes” of your hunts, doing much of the scouting and leg work that keeps us on top of our game.